About Us

Who we are

The Initiative for the Advancement of Ethical Standard (INADES) is a Non-Governmental Organization registered under the British laws, for the advocacy of improved basic life enhancement tools and to address the decadence of ethical values within societies in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, with plans to extend our humanitarian course to other Sub- Sahara African countries in the long run.

We are aware of the yawning societal gap in the areas of ethical orientation, this can be linked to the circumstances surrounding affected populace, as we believe that the health and wealth of a nation is dependent on the orientation of its citizen when majority of them have a proper attitude to life. At the heart of ethics is a concern about something or someone other than ourselves and our own desires and self-interest.

At INADES, we believe ethics are concerned with other people's interests, with the interests of society, with God's interests, with "ultimate goods", and so on.

Our programmes at the Initiative for the advancement of Ethical Standard are aimed at ethical revival in our regions of impact, providing solutions to build a bridge to close the gap in ethical orientation, ensuring that our focus areas become a better place to live in.  All these will be achieved through our collaboration with local and other international bodies as well as putting into consideration the priorities of the host government of regions of impact.

INADES is committed to international success in all ramifications and will continue its efforts to facilitate the development of platforms for listening and learning, at regional, national and local levels, to facilitate exchange and action between duty bearers and the most marginalized and unheard rights holders.

Ethical Revival

Living ethically is synonymous to living well. While fewer people live in extreme poverty, in 2018 almost half the world's population 3.4 billion people still struggles to meet basic needs

Core Human Needs

Our identification of the core human needs which are certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution is the basis of our projects.

Providing what is needed

In providing what is good for individuals and society respectively. We work in line with the priorities of the host government priorities in any of our regions of impacts

Our Vision

“To build a world where full potentials can be achieved.”

Our Mission

Vision of programs and initiatives surround our aim “to close the gap in ethical values and moral standards.”

Core Values


We undertake our mission with determination and we are not afraid to be to be different and stand for the truth.

Respect for Difference

We value diversity and strive to uphold the rights of all human beings.


We act with honesty, upholding the founding principles of ethical values


We work with individuals and partners in-country and across the world, valuing diverse contributions to amplify overall impact and sustainability


Reflection, learning and innovation and striving to evolve, promote and share best practices with others.

where we work

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