Over 320,000 people are homeless in the UK

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What we do

AT INADES, WE UNDERSTAND the severity and rise in homelessness in the UK. This is why we support these vulnerable homeless all year by providing with their basic needs,supporting them emotionally, and finally re-integrate them into the system to make them self-sustainable.

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You can be a part of our INADES feed Programme every Monday at Stratford, London. UK.

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How do we intend to solve the big issue

Help them survive

Providing them with their basic needs like food, clothes and other essential supports to motivate and give them hope

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Engage and Grow them

Get familiar with them and create a relationship in order to discover their unique qualities with the use of our support system. This allows us to know how to assist them out of their homelessness.

Make them self-sustainable and resourceful

Integrate them back into the system. By finding them jobs or enhancing their skills in order to make them achieve their full potentials, provide for themselves, and finally being a good resource to the society.

It matters how we think about, and talk about, the problem

People often defined a large number of “the homeless by a single characteristic. Instead we define “persons experiencing homelessness,” by recognizing that there are many reasons someone may become homeless, and that homelessness is often temporary condition that, given appropriate intervention, can change.

Partnership with other agencies is essential

At Inades, have come to recognize that to be effective in addressing homelessness, we must partner with other agencies and service providers and address the problem in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.

Helping homeless persons can be much less expensive than not helping them.

The types of comprehensive programs that can impact homelessness are likely to be expensive in terms of up-front and ongoing operational costs. But making those investments can save money in the long run. For every pound invested on a homeless programme, 10 pounds is saved on crime and justice system costs.

Who own’s the problem of homelessness.

These connections between drug abuse, mental illness, economic factors, and homelessness prompted a fundamental question: Who is responsible for responding to the problem of homelessness? The police? Social service agencies? Public housing departments? All of the above? At INADES we believe this problem belongs to every individual that lives in affected regions. This is why we must all come together to make an impact, no matter how small. Whatever affects one, affects all.